Metals WORLD Plan

Metals WORLD Plan - Metals WORLD Plan created for those traders who prefer to do trade in Mcx Metals Like Mcx Lead,Mcx Zinc,Mcx Copper,Nickel & Aluminimum. All Base Metal Tips on the basis on technical and fundamental analysis by which traders & jobbers get huge profit intraday with minimum risk & get great rewards as compare to risk ratio.
Base Metals have lately emerged as a promising segment to invest and earn profits. So has come up with outstanding benefits to make Base Metals more profitable For the Traders. Team offers daily 1-2 tips in 1 lot so that trader gets an intraday profit of Rs.5000-10000 on per lot.It's a wish of trader if he/she wants to put an order in 1- 2 lots, we provide tips on intraday basis.

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Key features

  •  Metals WORLD Plan trader can minimum have Rs 50000 investment.
  •  Metals WORLD Plan helps traders to buy/sell tips as per the movement in mcx.
  •  This services will give you daily 1-2 tips, each tip in 1-2 lots.
  •  we provide tips on intraday basis.
  •  This Metals tips based on Fundamental analyst.
  •  Each Tip will be established on the Current Market Updation & Situation.
  •  Our Team Of More Than 300 Support exicutives will be in touch with trader 24*7 via Telephonic,Online G-talk,Whatsapp.
  • Qualified Team do lots of research and market analysis to give you good Accuracy on Intraday Basis.

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Sample Calls

  • Dear Trader, Sell Mcx Lead At 151.20-151.30 Target-150.20 SL-152.30 [Trade In 1 Lots]
  • Congrates!!! Sell Mcx Lead Successfully Target Achived.Made Low-150.00 Net Profit-Rs.5000/-
  • Dear Trader, Buy Mcx Copper At 446.10-446.40 Target-449.40 SL-443.10 [Trade In 1 Lots]
  • Congrates!!! Buy Mcx Copper Successfully Target Achived.Made High-450.20 Net Profit-Rs.3000/-

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